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90 LTR Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow


The Haemmerlin Original is equipped with the Integral frame, a strong rigid one piece tubular frame made out of thick steel with a tipping bar for easy unloading. The front tray supports strengthen the chassis of the wheelbarrow.

Ash Kiln Dried Logs – 20 Bag Deal


This amazing deal is 20 bags of kiln dried ash neatly stacked on a pallet. This package offers great value and makes the logs easier to move around once delivered. Each bag is Approx 10KG, that's 200kg excluding pallet.

Ash Kiln Dried Logs – Bag


Small bags of Ashby kiln dried ash are a popular option for moderate fireplace or wood burner users. Ashby kiln dried ash is naturally dry, with a moisture content of less than 20%, this dense hardwood offers a high heat, great value for kilowatt hours (kWh) and a clean burn.

Ash Kiln Dried Logs – Bulk Bag


The Ashby kiln dried ash bulk bag is a loose filled bag with premium ash hardwood. This option is great value for customers that regularly burn firewood.  Kiln dried ash offers less than 20% moisture and a high wood density, resulting in a clean, high calorific value burn.

Ash Kiln Dried Logs Box


The Ashby Kiln dried log box is designed to offer all you need for a fire for occasional use. The box contains approximately 25 split ash kiln dried logs (25cm), a pack of kindling and a pack of 10 firelighters.

Ash Kiln Dried Logs Extra Large Crate


Ashby kiln dried ash is dried to less than 20% moisture and our most popular wood species because it’s a naturally dense (hardwood) and dry, providing a high calorific value and an efficient, clean burn. A crate presents great value to those that are regular users of firewood.

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Beech Kiln Dried Logs – Bag

Ashby kiln dried beech bags are a popular choice for customers with moderate users of firewood. These bags are easy to handle and store.

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Beech Kiln Dried Logs – Bulk Bag

The Ashby kiln dried beech bulk bag is a loose filled large bag that’s ideal for customers that require a steady supply of logs at home. Ashby kiln dried beech offers a steady flame, a high heat and a fragrant scent.

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Beech Kiln Dried Logs Box

The Ashby kiln dried beech log box is ideal for occasional fireplace use. It contains approximately 25 logs, a box of kindling and a box of firelighters.

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Beech Kiln Dried Logs Crate

Ashby kiln dried beech crates are chosen by regular fireplace, wood burner and fit pit users. Beech offers a steady heat and is known for its fragrant smell. The crates are send out with a protective wrap and are made from sturdy timber.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm


The 5CO Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarm features two LED’s. The red light illuminates when the alarm has detected Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere and emits an alarm sound. The green light confirms that the alarm has power. The alarm can either be installed on a wall or placed on a table top. The Lifesaver 5CO has a 7 year sensor life, with an end of life warning to replace the unit after 7 year.



Ashby supply natural firelighters made from wood wool. These firelighters produce a reliable long burn time and are perfect for fireplaces, wood burners, BBQ’s and camping. Each box has 75 natural firelighters.



Ashby kindling is made from kiln dried wood, burns quickly and is perfect for getting the fire started. Our kindling has a low moisture level and is designed to burn in a clean and efficient way, with a high heat. Each bag is 3KG

Kirkpatrick Black Iron Poker


This individual iron poker has been hand crafted in black iron. This traditional iron tool is used to stoke up the fire and move logs around.
This item has a 7 day delivery period.

Kirkpatrick Black Iron Tong


This is a hand crafted black iron tong in antique finish. This is a traditional tool used to move logs and place them in the fire.
This product has a 7 day delivery turnaround.

Kirkpatrick Kettle Stand


This fireplace stand is made of black iron is individually hand cast. The stand can be placed top of a wood burner and will heat up a kettle or next to the fireplace.
This item has a 7 day delivery period.