Ash Logs Crate


Crate Of Ash Logs

The crate of kiln-dried ash logs is dried to less than 20% moisture and our most popular wood species because it’s a naturally dense (hardwood) and dry, providing a high calorific value and an efficient, clean burn. A crate presents great value to those that are regular users of firewood.



Each of these kiln dried log crates contain 25cm neatly stacked and split ash logs. The crate has a strong timber frame and is transported with a clear wrap for protection. Please take a look at our delivery page for details and delivery options. Crate dimensions: 118cm x 82cm x 115cm or 1.2m3

Here at Ashby we stack the kiln dried logs tightly into the crates giving you up to 50% more wood than lose filled bulk bags.


Additional information

Dimensions 82 × 115 × 118 cm