Ash/Birch Kiln Dried Logs -Large Bulk Bag with Kindling Wood


Our kiln-dried ash bulk bag is a loose-filled bag of ash hardwood seasoned logs. Kiln-dried ash at less than 20% moisture and high wood density yields a clean, high calorific value burn.


  • The Ashby kiln dried ash bulk bag with 1 x bag of Ashby kindling wood should be stored in a dry place or transferred into your log store.
  • Please read our delivery page for options and information.
  • The kiln-dried ash is supplied as 25cm split logs.
  • The bag size is 800 x 800 x 800MM
  • This option is great value for customers that regularly burn firewood.
  • Kindling wood is used to get a fire underway. Normally you place a few logs in the fire, then place the kindling wood in the centre and a couple of natural firelighters on top, then light the firelighter.