Ashby supply kiln dried oak logs with a consistent high heat result, a low moisture level and a slow burn. Burning kiln dried logs helps to prevent accumulation of tars and creosote inside your flue and avoids blackening the glass window, due to their low moisture level. Our oak logs are sourced from within the UK and Europe. Kiln dried logs are extremely efficient, resulting in you using less to create the same heat. Oak is considered a premium hardwood and priced moderately higher than ash or beech, but it is a very dense wood, so presents good value in terms of burn time.

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Oak Logs Bag

Oak Logs

A bag of our kiln dried oak logs is great for customers that are moderate or occasional fireplace, wood burner or fire pit users. Oak is a very dense hardwood log and once it is kiln-dried it offers a high heat flame and a steady, clean burn.