Birch Logs

If you are looking for birch logs then these kiln dried birch examples are easy to handle because of the smooth bark plus a pleasant fragrance, making it popular during the festive period especially. Birch logs rarely spark and produces very little smoke. Kiln dried logs keep your stove burning clean with this hard wood having a moisture level of less than 20%.

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Birch/Ash Kiln Dried Logs – Large Bulk Bag


The Ashby kiln dried birch bulk bag is a loose filled large bag that’s ideal for customers that require a steady supply of logs at home. Ashby kiln dried birch offers a steady flame, a high heat and a fragrant scent.
The bag size is 800 x 800 x 800 MM or 0.512m3

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Birch Kiln Dried Logs Crate


Ashby kiln dried birch logs is dried to less than 20% moisture, providing a high calorific value and an efficient, clean burn. A crate presents great value to those that are regular users of firewood.