Kiln Dried Ash Logs

These logs are known to be the most popular and effective seasoned hardwood logs on the market. Delivered to your door, our kiln-dried logs have been dried in a kiln oven to reduce the moisture level before use. This ensures that they burn clearly, light fast, and provide maximum heat and minimum smoke. Kiln-dried ash logs can be kept in a log store at home, using them means you can close the air vents in your log burner, producing a more controllable and slow burn.

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The Log Box – Ash Kiln Dried


The Ashby Kiln dried log box is designed to offer all you need for a fire for occasional use. It is a perfect gift for friends with an open fire/wood burner or if you are short of space.



Ash/Birch Logs – Kiln Dried – 20 Bag Deal


This fantastic deal provides 20 bags of kiln-dried ash logs neatly stacked on a pallet. This package offers excellent value and makes the logs easier to move around once delivered. Each bag is approx 10KG.